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Aly Cardinalli

Psychic Witchdoctor

In ancient times, the now called "witchdoctors" were healers, dealt with spirits, taught us magic, folk stories, dance and music, how to take care of ourselves, faith, and counseled us in giving us divine guidance and spiritual direction.  Their job was to remind us of all parts of our humanity. Aly Cardinalli continues this tradition.


Who is Aly Cardinalli

Aly Cardinalli is an accomplished witchdoctor, performing arts specialist, psychic, and master educator with over twenty-five years of experience in his fields. He has dedicated his life to promoting traditional practices and spreading knowledge about culture. Born a dark medium and oversensitive psychic into a family of witchcraft professionals, Aly grew up surrounded by spirits and natural remedies that were used to cure both physical and spiritual ailments. He learned from his family the art of healing, witchcraft, and spirituality, gradually developing a deep passion for indigenous and creolized practices, making him a sought after professional exorcist, focused on peace and ease in entity identification and extraction.  
As a young man, Aly studied music, dance, and theatrical arts while studying the ancient ways of the craft at home through his family, and quickly made a name for himself as a talented performer, exceptional choreographer (as an expert in over eighteen styles of dance), and an award winning director. His unique knowledge of the arts and culture, along with his exceptional stage presence, made him an instant hit with audiences across the globe. Despite his success in the performing arts, Aly never forgot his roots. He continued to practice traditional witchcraft and mystical techniques.  Aly has also developed an innovative training and classification system for psychics, mediums, and sensitives.  Because of his prodigy youth, Aly's knowledge and aptitude in the inclusive disciplines of culture, healing, spirituality, mysticism, and storytelling is unmatched.  
Over the years, Aly has gained immense popularity as a master educator in all of his fields, having been a master trainer in education for the National Guard, Department of Education, holistic healers, performing arts instructors, and teachers of the occult. He continues to conduct numerous workshops and training sessions for healthcare professionals, spiritual healers, psychics, performers, and other practitioners.  Aly has been the dean of education for a performing arts school, the headmaster at a witchcraft and psychic development school, and the education director for a healing arts institute. Thanks to his dedication and hard work, Aly Cardinalli is now widely recognized as a commodity to cultural education. His talent, passion, and expertise have inspired countless people to embrace rich and vibrant culture and to seek healing through the power of music, dance, and other forms of artistic & ancient cultural expression.  


What's a witchdoctor? What can I do?

A witchdoctor is the colonized term for a faith healer, counselor, exorcist, psychic medium, cultural advisor, and community teacher.
So this is what I do:

Psychic: I am an oversensitive clairsentient, which means that I feel the same feelings physical and emotionally of current and past events of people and of spirits.  If I am too connected, I have shown stigmatic phenomena.  After clairsentience, I am a normal clairvoyant (sees visions and spirits), claircognizant (knows things without access to knowledge), clairtagent (has psychic reactions to touching objects or people), and clairaudient (hears items in my mind - although this is my weakest area).  Because of these things, I am a psychic's psychic.  I can feel like a human voodoo-doll what other psychics are experiencing, making me the perfect teacher to help psychics, sensitives, and mediums understand what they are going through.  This is why I train psychics.

Medium: I talk to the divine, in however they show themselves, and cryptids.  The kind of medium I am is called a dark medium and an oracle.  Oracle mediums were the kind that would go into trance and relay messages from the divine.  I find myself blessed that I am able to hear or see messages from the gods themselves.  As for a dark medium, since I was a child I have always seen the monsters lurking in the corners of homes and the demons that everyone is afraid of.  My strength is not in contacting the human dead, although with a lot of energy and some tools, I am able to.  It's much easier if they come to me, or are displaced spirits lost in someone's house, and I help them cross over.

Exorcist:  I like to think of myself as a spirit advocate.  The spirits of nature, of the darkness, of the divine, and those are lost all have purpose in the spiritual ecosystem.  As an exorcist, I practice from a blended Italian, indigenous African, and indigenous Hawaiian approach.  My job is to make sure the spirit (no matter the perceived evil), and human patients are both separated with as little pain as possible and both are placed where they can thrive best, without harm to either creature.  This includes crossing spirits over and helping spirits who might have been summoned or wondered into a place they shouldn't have been.  Remember that spirits can get injured, scared, angry, or vengeful, and they need someone on their side to help them heal, guide them, help them, or hear their needs.  My job is to make it right. 
Spell Castor/Sorcery: 30 years of training:  Conjuring entities, glamour magic, rootwork, hoodoo, candle magic, music magic, smoke magic, Italian folk magic, and kitchen witchery.  People hire me to do all kinds of things on their behalf, and in my practice, we are always happy to oblige. 

Healer:  I use a Hawaiian technique which was called hilina'i (translates to belief).  It's a form of healing where we go into the shadow parts of the patient and dig and repair the nine parts of the human soul, cleaning and stitching.  I say "we" because I am a trance-medium in my healing practice, utilizing the spiritual skills and medicines of spirit-co-workers to mend people and put them back together.  We heal everything from physical illnesses (like healing it from the inside out instead of medicine outside in), spiritual illnesses, and cognitive illnesses.  Unlike reiki, we do not need 'permission' to enter through the shadow.  Everyone has one, and in the dark, we are all connected.  
I also utilize natural medicine techniques and interventions, while supporting and encouraging a beautiful blend of western medicine.  If you see me, don't be surprised if I ask about your diet, your friend circle, your bad habits, your physical health, and how you sooth yourself when you're alone.  Let's work together with spiritual medicine, Eastern medicine, and Western medicine.  Remember that I am clairsentient, so many times I can feel what the patient is feeling.  

Spiritual Counselor: Beginning my training in mental health counseling, I turned to the spiritual approach.  We focus on goals for healing, processing feelings of grief, and I'm able to use spirituality and spirit to show me what's really going on.  In Hawaiian ideology, we believe in the power of talking story (wala 'au).  In talking, we release the puss from our emotional wounds so we can begin to heal, and then support with cleaning them out (goals and healing tools).

Storyteller (Master Cultural Teacher/Director/Choreographer):  Master Choreographer in seventeen dance styles, including African, Hula, various European folk dances, ballet, tap, jazz, Horton (modern), Graham (modern) and others.  I teach from the cultural relevance and application of these modalities.  I also have two degrees in voice and theater.  I have directed/choreographed for 135 productions.  I have been a passer of stories for over 20 years.

Teacher:  Several certifications including teaching for the Department of Defence and Department of Education.  Varying in topic from English, mathematics, the occult, history, anthropology, health, kinesiology. life coping skills, job readiness skills, dance, voice, theater, to parapsychology and mysticism.  22 years of experience. 

Helps Transitions:  Assisting clients in life transitions through my family’s private practice, which I have officially taken over after it stopped when my grandmother died.

Peacemaker: I enjoy using the Hawaiian modality of Ho'oponopono (in its authentic form) to help people make peace with others.  
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