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In ancient times, those who taught dance and music, were also responsible for passing down culture and healing our spiritual connection.  Their job was to remind us of all parts of our humanity. Aly Cardinalli continues this tradition.


For over 30 years, I has been developing and growing a connection to spirit, and I am grateful to be a bridge between worlds for so many of you. But it is also part of my mission to teach you how to do this, too! I often tell clients that no one is closer to spirit than you. Your connection was always there, and will always remain, just in a different form. I am happy to share the tools and practices that I have learned from spirit to help you continue that connection and build authentic faith.

Aly Cardinalli's Bio

Aly Cardinalli is a witchdoctor, trance-psychic medium, cultural advisor, spiritual clinician, and educator of indigenous religions, including witchcraft and the occult. Cardinalli dedicates himself as a cultural teacher, which means that he teaches the performing arts, faith, folk traditions (including witchcraft and shamanic practices), and spiritual advisement, so to remind us of our humanity in how we should treat one another, teaching workshops around the world. Aly resurrected his grandmother’s witchdoctor practice and is the Headmaster for BearBridge Academy of Witchcraft and Psychic Development. During his over 20 years of teaching experience, Cardinalli received his B.F.A. in musical theater with a minor in psychology from the New School and has two certifications in education and a conservatory degree in integrated theater, with a lifetime of dedication to the indigenous ways of witchdoctory. Aly’s witchcraft of thirty years teaches balance in attack, healing, defense, and prosperity.  His practice includes the ancient ways of glamour magic, spirit walking, shamanic healing, deity relationships, hoodoo, divination, and identifying the craft prior to colonization.   He loves his Hawaiian upbringing and tries to bring aloha and maika’i to his students and the spirits he greets along the way.


Cardinalli was born a dark medium, talking to entities, deities, and the persistent dead from the young age of 6.  In Cardinalli’s culture of Benedicaria, those who show potential in the old ways also study performing arts, which he had to fight to do both.  He studied witchcraft from his grandmother, learning African and Sicilian techniques, and connection to the land from his German side, all the while learning devotion and spiritual work in his homeland, Hawaii.  His parents were against Aly learning these practices, but Cardinalli was prodigy dancer and educator.


Cardinalli is an oversensitive clairsentient (meaning he can show symptoms of stigmata) as well as clairvoyant, clairaudient, and claircognizant who has helped people with spiritual connection and removal since before he finished high school, as the youngest known exorcist and channeler.  Balancing performing, the study of witchcraft, and spiritual interaction left Cardinalli with little social interaction. Aly hid his psychic gifts throughout his extensive dance career. That life ostracized him from normal society, so he decided that the creatures and spirits that lurked in the dark were best not talked about.  As a young person, Aly felt lost as a Highly Sensitive Person. Now Aly, has made it his mission to normalize the gifts of psychics, teaching parapsychology and how sensitives can understand themselves. 

At 32, Aly founded The Ridge, Inc., a non-profit organization focused on the cultural competence in performing arts and education.  After twenty years of education in the arts, Aly pivoted to devote is time to his faith.  Leaving his title as Dean of the Performing Arts from the American School of Inspiration and taking on the role of Headmaster at BearBridge Academy of Witchcraft and Psychic Development. Aly helps others spiritually with his education and gifts to make the world a magical place to thrive.

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Aly is known for gathering the arts and spiritual community together to transform and reawaken inspiration. Since the 1999, thousands of people have sought Aly out in classes, courses, productions, and mentorship.  Aly is an Omnist and teaches from a point of view that all faith is valid. 


His job as a spiritual teacher is not to judge the world around us nor its participants, but to help it to continue. Continuing his hereditary and cultural upbringings, he continues the traditions by teaching the old ways and helping people discover their own potentials.  He has made it his mission to help normalize the gifts of psychics, teaching parapsychology and how sensitives can understand themselves.  He believes in training psychics so that they can be the best psychic based on their individual skill set and not based on the Hollywood idea.