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Arts Testimonials

"Mr. Cardinalli, is a seasoned artist who is both an excellent dancer, singer and actor. So he understands what it is to be a performer. But, he is also an outstanding choreographer AND director. Mr. Cardinalli clearly gave attention to all of these elements and conveyed his vision to the outstanding cast. The result was a magical night in the theater. With Mr. Cardinalli you get someone ready, willing and able to give you 110%! We on Maui are grieving the loss of Mr. Cardinalli’s talents. It will be difficult to find another with his combination of talent, experience and enthusiasm." - Paul Janes-Brown

"Dance definitely isn't the same without you as my teacher. I just want you to know that you weren't only an amazing dance teacher for me, but you opened my eyes to other things, and my stomach always got a workout, from laughing so much in your classes. Dance has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and you made it fun and helped me become a better dancer, helping us learn other styles of dancing. Its so hard to dance without you here; all I can think about is your voice in my head, hit your leg on 6! It's hard, but I'm going to continue to dance because I know you wouldn't want me to stop. Basically, I just want to say that you have been incredible and having you in my life for the short amount of time was a blast. I don't know if you are planning on teaching anywhere else, but if you are let me know because I really enjoyed dancing with you! " - Tess Braun

"Not only is Aly an extraordinary director, he is an remarkable person, just bubbling with inspiration, encouraging all of his student to pursue theirdreams. Through the process, he became our mentor, our physical therapist, our counselor, and our friend. He was there if we needed anything or had any troubles or worries." - Kelsey Greenway

"I worked with Aly in the MOS production of CATS. I must tell you, Aly was a very strong leader through the whole process. His direction was clear and concise. His ability to pull talent out of his performers is unparalleled to any director I have ever worked with. I think the production of CATS showscases his talent as a director, but, you should know from my personal experience how gifted he is. I would work on any show he directs in the future." - Caleb Rhodes

"Alexander Cardinalli is an amazing director to work with, punctual, lively, honest, passionate, and not to mention incredibly talented. He inspires actors to release all feelings of inhibition and to try things they never imagined they were capable of. I improved as an actor, singer, dancer, and as a human being." - Tazu Arian

"I was continually impressed with the level of dedication and professionalism you brought to Cats, making it possible for all of us to reach ever higher, even when we didn't necessarily want to. Through all of the work that you put into this show, and all of the support you gave us, you made all of us shine in ways we did not expect that we could." - Jason Wulf

"Everything from the quality of music, choreography, lighting, sound, and set, to how to best tell the story through restaging, to endless costume, wig and makeup details was monitored by Aly from beginning to end. Aly constantly pushed us to grow as individuals and as a group, together achieving  more than we dreamed possible from the start. He has made singers into dancers and dancers into singers, and all of us are better people and performers because of his leadership and example." - Hadley Garcia

"You have taught me more this year than I have learned in years. You are unbelievable and amazing to watch. I not only looked forward to your classes, but I also loved every single part about them. You taught me how to sing, act, dance a lot better, how to be a lady, and so much more. I know that you would hate me if I quit, and you would love to see me dance, so I will do a good job in honor of you! Thank you again. You truly are one special person!"- Ashley Lindner

"Alexander Cardinalli wowed audiences with his Ballet classes’ charming and funny pieces that combine precision, wit, and the unexpected." - Seabury Hall

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