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Class Descriptions

All classes are available as group lessons or private lessons!
All classes are available online.  Check out the store for more information!

Pop/Theater/R&B Voice Lessons

Aly teaches back breathing, facial tension release, and vocal projection and placement for belt, mix, head voice, and character voice work. Our day looks like this: A classical warm up, focused on tongue placement, breathing technique, vowel use, volume, and style. Then you sing. We work your voice practically, by singing pieces.

*10 yr+


Work on your pieces with an audition expert. Learn how to greet your pianist, talk to a panel, deal with inappropriate behavior, outside bullying, get advice about your audition numbers, and get monologues and audition cuts (and learn what NOT TO DO). You'll also get the inside scoop on what to wear, advice about your resume, and what we look for in headshots.

*Any Age

Musical Theatre

High energy, action packed fun, from Broadway classics to contemporary masterpieces.  This class moves fast.  You have to learn the lyrics, character, story, and choreography to a song in one class.  It's Singing, Acting, AND Dancing!

*10-30 yr 

Tap Beg - Adv.

Aly's 15 years of Tap experience provides his very own East-coast Tap based syllabus to MAPAC (soon to be published!).   Work basics through advanced steps by picking up speed and rhythm in new combinations of choreography in a fun environment.  You'll also learn about musicality and theory behind being a dancer and a musician. 

*Adult-9yr. (various classes)

Int.-Adv. Pointe

Using the Cecchetti syllabus and Aly's pointe boot-camp, strengthen your current ballet work with his pointe technique class.  Aly provides perspective from partnering, perseverance, and alignment with realistic expectations to enhance your grace.

Must have gone through at least 3 pairs of pointe shoes and have teacher & director approval.

*13 yr.-Adult yr (with instructor & director approval)

Art of Acting

Character development, storytelling, monologues, comedy, drama, character relationships, cold readings, voice production, speech, articulation, tempo, and intention are some of the areas you will master through improvisation, Meisner, Stanislavsky, and sense memory techniques.  Throughout the year, we work on Greek, Shakespeare, Comedies, Dramas, Monologues, and play writing while developing interpersonal relationship skills and personal identity.  This class is great for everyone to learn self-confidence, reliability, and how to develop self-purpose for performing.

*10-Adult yr.

Theater Jazz

You may have forgotten that some of the best choreography to date has come from Musical Theater, like Chorus Line, Fosse, Moving Out, Oklahoma!, CATS, Legally Blonde, Wedding Singer, Flashdance, Footloose, and more.  Starting the year with movements from Luigi and Harry Wooliver (2 founders of Jazz and Aly’s teachers), we build through the jazz dance styles that have influenced musical theater throughout the years, including Show Boat, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Miss Saigon, Ziegfeld’s Follies, Gypsy, All Shook Up, American Idiot, Spring Awakening, Rent, Songs For A New World, and more.  Learn style and have a blast while dancing theatrical dance!

*12-30 yr.


From the classical aria to punk rock, students stretch and strengthen their ability to sing by defining breathing techniques, muscle release technique, and resonation techniques.  Not only do we work on eras of music, but we define belt, mix, and head-voice while also working on legit, theater/pop, and character placement.  All students will be able to hold and hear harmony and blend as a group.  If you enjoy singing, why not make yourself better by joining this group?

*12-20yr. (11 yr with teacher approval)

Lyrical Flow (beg)

Maybe you’ve always wanted to dance but were afraid to start.  This is a one of a kind, beautiful class.  Learn a step, then another, you add it on and start over, then you add the next on and start over, until you’re dancing through class.  The music keeps changing so that the intention, speed, and feel change throughout class. It’s a slow and beautiful class. You've seen those dances glazed in grace, depth, and beauty.

*10 yr+

Broadway Workout

Listen to music you’d hear on Broadway while doing your cardio to a dance based workout.  Learn many types of dance while you sweat off the calories.  Bump, grind, bounce, and bust-out while you push your limits with a humorous teacher, well versed in all styles of dance.  This work out master will get you to go further than you thought you could, and you will want to come back just to move to the music.

*15 yr.+

Int. Jazz Fusion

Make yourself stronger by busting out in dance, learning, and growing to great tunes and awesome dances. Study Jazz by learning how muscles work, dancing through the space, listening to awesome music, learn history, style, technique, and all the while gain strength and flexibility. It’s a great way to dance, or to supplement your current dance education. Improve yourself as a strong dancer or expose yourself to jazz and contemporary in a positive way.

*15 yr.+


Cecchetti Ballet

Learn the Cecchetti syllabus and technique of classical ballet while finding your individual beauty, self-worth, and grace.  Aly is a Cecchetti trained teacher, valuing the most important rule:


Perform From the Heart.

Strengthen, Lengthen, Know Your Body, and Articulation.

All Levels.


Ballet for Sports

Men and boys only.  This closed class gives men the privacy of learning without having to worry about the stigma that might come with ballet.  In this class, you will work.  Work Hard!  This workout will be much tougher than anything you've done on the field.  This class is designed and taught by a man for men.  Isolating the aspects of ballet that make men strong, quick, and agile, you will master articulation, faster thinking, flexibility, endurance, focus, and alignment.

If Ballet Were Any Easier, It Would Be Football.

*14 yr+



Ballet Bootcamp

Ballet focusing on cardio, flexibility, toning, and classical ballet technique from a professional ballet dancer and founder of the Sierra Ballet Theatre Company and the Student Dance Organization of Long Island University. This is a barre-less ballet class, making the beautiful technique of ballet more difficult by focusing on the chore, balance, and strength. Learn ballet without fear. All are welcome because this diverse teacher will focus individualized technique based on the student.

*14 yr+

Stretch Therapy

Combines elements of Active Isolated Stretching, Dance, Physical Therapy, preventative stretch, Kinesiology, and visualizations.  Learn that anybody can become more flexible with time and safety.  Aly will teach you that everyone can learn how to be more flexible in a healthy and safe environment   He'll teach you how to prevent injuries and how to recover from past injuries while alleviating stress from your week.

*Any Age



Rehabilitation & Body Make-Over

Let me help you actualize your fitness and aesthetic goals.  There is no reason taht you shouldn't feel beautiful.  I'm someone who knows the body, and can help you see results.  I want you to look and feel great safely and when you hit your goal, not come back to me unless you need to.  I've worked with all kinds of dancers to help them tone for shows.  Why not you?

*17 yr+


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