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Witchdoctor Healing: Psychic Surgery

Is your soul sick or spirit needs healing? Remove a curse? (45-95min)

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 445 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

For Hilina'i, time varies based on client and time needed for channeling spirits. Minimum amount of time is 45 minutes, max is 85 minutes. Please reserve the entire 90 minutes in your calendar in case we (Aly and the spirits) need it. This is deeper than reiki work. What to expect: Aly goes into a trance, and his healing spirit finds the illness, including curses and blockages, pulls them out, and sew you back together. During the process, you will remain laying down, in almost a sleep state, and Aly and the spirits will under go the procedure to put you back together. The amount of time can take up to an hour and a half of Aly being under. Your job is to not be interrupted under any circumstance, like if you were in surgery. Depending on what you need, Aly may be channelling certain spirits. We are almost constantly being bombarded with other people’s energies - their hopes, dreams, expectations. And, I hope we can agree that energy is a real thing. Now, imagine that you’ve been absorbing that stuff your whole life, and have never had the opportunity to release, discharge, or transfer that energy out of your body. It can get stuck - it can show up as anxiety, depression, insomnia, general lack of caring or listlessness, feeling burnt out for no reason, and feelings of overwhelm (to name a few). During an energy healing session we will work with your mana (your soul energy) and connection to the land to release anything that no longer serves you, repairs your fountain of energy to feel revitalized, and clean out the blockages. Do you suffer from night terrors, nightmares, or have trouble sleeping? Are there blockages in every area in your life for no reason? Are you experiencing unexplained sickness, aches, and pains with no diagnosis? Have you been diagnosed with one thing after another? Do the pets in your household behave strangely around you? Have you experienced a loss of energy as if it is being siphoned out of you? Have you noticed significant hair loss? Have you noticed bugs or insects in your personal space? Benefits of A Healing • Enhanced creativity and problem-solving skills • Healing of spiritual wounds, such a childhood traumas and phobias • Being able to look into yourself and develop a sense of purpose in life • Understanding yourself and your place in society • Developing a strong relationship with the spiritual realm • Getting closer to nature If you need a soul retrieval, he will just do it at that time.

Cancellation Policy

It’s simple: if you cancel with less than one day, you lose the session . If you cancel with more than one days notice, you need to reschedule your session into our calendar within one week of cancellation this new session can be in as far in the future as you like

Contact Details

  • 737-808-0259

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