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Spirit Removal (from location)

When a spirit needs to leave this world because it is bothering you.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 445 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

There are lots of different kinds of mediums. Most, and what you're probably used to, are the ones that talk to the human dead after they have passed on. Me? I'm a witchdoctor medium. I talk to entities. Deity channeler, exorcism, entity remover... I get rid of monsters, creatures, ghosts that are stuck, or talk to angry or clingy deities. Look at me as your crypto-zoologist. You dont necessarily hire me to talk to your Aunt Sally, unless she is stuck here and need her gone. You don't necessarily hire me to have a conversation with your mom who has passed. But if you are haunted by something in your home? I'm your person. Feel a ritual has gone wrong with a spirit or god? That's my area. Soul Leading We know that a witch-doctor can travel to the underworld, but he is also able to lead or guide souls to the underworld too. Souls of relatives or friends stuck between the human world and the spirit world can be guided to their place in the other world using the serves of a shaman. People who experience supernatural happenings and claim to be approached by their dead loved ones can ask the shaman to help the restless soul in reaching its destination in the other world. HOW? I leave my body (OBE) and travel to your location in spirit form. With the help of my adversaries, totem animals, and spirit friends (David!), we either 1) cross the spirit back through the veil, 2) capture it to release it into nature someplace else, 3) capture it and lock it in my cursed shed, or 4) kill it, so it is forced to go to the other world (we really don't like this option). Once your critters are removed, we will go through your home on camera to make sure there isn't a hole in the veil or some portal open. We will teach you how to make sure it is closed so you don't get more visitors. Every once and a while, you may need me to come back and do it again. But that is rare and only if there is something that keeps opening up the veil between your home and the spirit world. In a trance and with the use of family skills, Aly will help this spirit pass on. Counseling and healing the spirit to move on to cross the veil. Aly utilizes the spiritual realm to bring those who take the spirits stuck on this side and bring them to the home of the dead. Want peace? I'm whom you call.

Cancellation Policy

It’s simple: if you cancel with less than one day, you lose the session . If you cancel with more than one days notice, you need to reschedule your session into our calendar within one week of cancellation this new session can be in as far in the future as you like

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