Occult Culture and Arts Teacher / Spiritual Advisor
Having also dedicated his life to his religious studies in ancient nature faiths, he is a teacher for the safe application and study of the occult.  His teaching is accessible across folk religions, doctrine faiths, or for the solitary practitioner.  As a teacher, he recognizes that there is balance for the world and that all kind of people must be taught.  Aly is from a folk practice, incorporating the systems taught to him through is blood-line, and culturally.  He includes, northern European, Sicilian, African, and Polynesian philosophies and traditions to his work in the craft, making him the most accessible teacher around.

Aly specializes in the teachings of folk witchcraft and witch-doctor studies, focusing on self-care and a balanced life.  His traditions are multifaceted, making him an accessible spiritual advisor and counselor.  Open to the ideas of all faiths, his beliefs are rooted in 'the old faith,' from Sicily.  This faith is a folk religion that is inclusive to the ethnic and cultural influences of the believer.  Aly himself follows the beliefs rooted in Stegheria, Yoruba, and the Druids, but loves many of the philosophies found in Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Wicca, and the Native Americans.  He identifies culturally as Hawaiian since he was raise in both northern Nevada and Hawai'i.

Aly considers himself very religious and is happy to help any person reconnect to their faith, their ancestors, and the spirit guides/guardians that are waiting there to help and support you.

Psychic-sensitive life-coping

He is also dedicating his life and practice to teaching life-coping skills to mediums and other psychic-sensitive individuals because, "its a service I wish I had when I was struggling with being in touch with the world in ways others aren't."

Aly has seen the dead for fifteen years, and has dedicated himself to his managing his sensitivities with the support of his family.

Aly is clairsentient (feels others' feelings), clairtangent (receives information by being touched), clairvoyant (can see the images of thoughts and memories), and claircognizant (knows things without studying them).  He has used these skills as a funnel to educate with the knowledge he receives from others and by feeling the needs of his students through their emotional state of being and thought patterns.

Aly is so happy to have the opportunity to help other sensitives cope with their abilities in a "less than sensitive world."