Performing Arts Education

For the last 20 years, Aly has been celebrated as a master choreographer, a regionally acclaimed director, and vocal coach.  He is sought out world-wide for his expertise in the performing arts.   He is a teacher trainer in appropriate and effective ways for instruction.  Although Aly has mastered most forms of performing arts education.  He currently focuses his time in Hula, various African dances, and modern (Horton and Graham techniques).

Aly has directed and choreographed over 300 shows.  He is certified and an acclaimed teacher in classical ballet, Horton technique, Graham technique, African dance, Hula, tap, classic jazz, theater jazz, urban jazz, contemporary ballet, folk dances, and partnering.  He is also a culture and history professor for the performing arts.  Aly has his degree and practice in singing health and technique in Opera, but loves teaching contemporary singing styles like R&B, musical theater, jazz, pop, and rock, as well.  Aly is a winner of the Eastern Regional One Act winner in Direction and Best Play (and his performers won best actor and best actress) for his direction in Dagney Kerr's Stay.  He is also critically acclaimed in Maui for his direction of CATS and his choreography for CHICAGO, THE KING & I, and THE WEDDING SINGER.  Aly performs regularly with various dance companies, and gives vocal performances, featuring his banjo, mandolin, and puppetry to help benefit the survival of small theaters.

Aly is the president for Druid Theater Arts, located in central Maryland, where he is the director for the Visionary Dance Company (a theatrical ethno-modern ballet company celebrating the spectacle of fantasies through dance) and Ka Hui 'O Hula 'O Ho'okoa Kaenalu (a hula halau focused on the study and dance of Hawai'i and its myths and legends)

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