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What's Yule?!
n witchcraft, Yule may be one of the most important times of the year. Aly is going to share with you his home traditions and then we will all share other traditions. As we walk into the darkest night of the year, may we emerge together into the warmth and the light.
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Intro to Medium Health
It’s scary seeing ghosts, angels, demons, spirits, sprites and the like for the first time. For some of us, it’s just a glimmer or a knowing. For others, they can see with their eyes the darkness hiding in the corner.
How do you realistically take care of yourself? What if you’re the kind of Medium that also feels those alive as well as dead? How do you get help and what do you do if you’re constantly plagued with spirits?
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Basics of Spellcasting
Most of us are solitary practitioners of magic and witchcraft. We may all have dabbled in this a few times, or maybe we are experienced magicians.
For those who want to learn a foundation for how to properly write and cast a spell, please join us. Also bring along your own personal experiences to share with the group.
CLASS SCHEDULE: This class meets on Thursday, Jan. 14th at 6:30pm EST.
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Elemental Magic Through the Natural World Class
Want to start as a witch? Do you want to know why your spell crafting isn’t working? From this, you will be given spells to try and divination focus to help align yourself with your natural skills. The goal with this class is that once you are in alignment with your natural skills, you can connect to other elemental craft work.
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Cryptozoology: Spirit and Entity Encyclopedia Class
In this incredible class, don’t be surprised if you leave feeling a little paranoid when you hear your door creak, if your hairbrush is misplaced, or if you accidentally make a wish while sitting on your toilet.
Learn the difference between the fictional vampires, and the creatures that actually draw the essence out of the living. Learn about those things that go bump in the night, and those that sail on snow flakes.
Meeting ID: 969 1875 6687
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Building a Grimoire
Your book of shadows may be one of the most important tools in your magical arsenal. Keeping your spells, holidays, traditions, definitions, and a list of magical ingredients is the reason you’d have your book. Aly is going to walk you through the different things you’ll put in your grimoire, where to get information, and helpful hints in choosing how you’re going to build this important book.
Meeting ID: 957 8780 6268
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Intro to Black Magic
As scary as it seems to learn about black magic, we need the darkness for the light to fill. Black magic is simply this: Magic to change circumstances agains the will of others or nature. This includes chaos magic and folk work from around the world. You’ll learn about aspects of Japanese, Slavic, African, and European magic.
Meeting ID: 943 8643 7030
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Amazing 6-Week Courses

Feel like you're at Hogwarts Online!
Medium and Spirit-Use

Medium and Spirit-Use

It’s scary seeing ghosts, angels, demons, sprits, sprites and the like for the first time. For some of us, it’s just a glimmer or a knowing. For others, they can see with their eyes the darkness hiding in the corner. How do you realistically take care of yourself? What if you’re the kind of Medium that also feels those alive as well as dead? How do you get help and what do you do if you’re constantly plagued with spirits? What if you just want to up your game in spiritual protection and health?

Integrating Psychic Gifts

Integrating Psychic Gifts

A practical guide to all of what you’ve accomplished in Mediumship and Spirit-Use Course! In the first two weeks, we are going to break down your sense of feeling like you are unworthy of using your gifts everywhere and in every way. We are also going to look at how and when your psychic abilities get in the way and how to turn them around. We jump into applying them and taking advantage of the wonders of being sensitive. From picking the best groceries to being a boss or a parent.

Defense Magic & Dangerous Traditions

Defense Magic & Dangerous Traditions

Learn to defend yourself with protective and war fair magic. You will learn specific spells and will protect. These are defensive skills and tools in the area of attack. Summon a Genie, work with the dead in your magic, and learn about your shadow self and how to benefit from it in your world and in your craft. You will delve deep into who you are, coming out strong, confident, and self assured.

Year & a Day to Becoming a Witch (6-week online Intensive)

Year & a Day to Becoming a Witch (6-week online Intensive)

Are you ready for your Year and a Day experience? This 6-week intensive course allows you to do the work for becoming a witch with the guidance of your teacher in a lot less time. You’ll build your Grimoire, prep for holidays, put spells into your book, bring about your personal power and practice your spells. In every class, you’ll have the homework to prepare two months worth. It is intense, but so worth it.

Intermediate Magic - DMDT2

Intermediate Magic - DMDT2

Learn the basics of exorcism, conjuring an entity, and whisper cursing. This advanced course requires a strong constitution for the magician and the witch. You will learn specific attack magic and repulsion magic, as well as how to pull a curse off of someone and apply it to someone else. You will be using skulls from DMDT1 and your genie, so you must have these skills perfected.

Private Trainings

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I’m not responsible for you not liking the truth. I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear, I’m going to tell you what I see. If you can’t handle the honesty or the truth, I’m not the reader for you.



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- I am not here to spread negative or hateful energy. You will only find love and light here.

Divination & Advanced Psychic Communication

Aly has his own practice, and will work with you on creating a space for you to divine information using these classics tools. Aly will also walk you through a few preparatory meditations and centering exercises before connecting to spirit and our land. You will do readings in class with Aly and each other, per your permission to be read, so that you can work on measurable outcomes.

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